Today started with just some playing around with new patterns for the tagging system of the CIC News Engine. Hired a Virtual Private Server (VPS) a couple of months ago and it was just standing there waiting to be put to use, so… it was time to install the server to run the different websites under the domain.

The first thing was to install Debian, it’s quite easy todo. Just follow the steps.

After installing Debian the real configuration began:

  • Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Configuring Apache for multiple virtual hosts
  • Installing WordPress
  • Configuring WordPress for use of multiple domains
  • Installing Mediawiki

If you know where to look on ‘the net’ it’s easy to install the above, see the wiki page for all the installation instructions:


Learned today

  • Installing a completely new server can be done fast.
  • Installing a webserver is easy.
  • Need to do some thinking about the contents of the different websites.


Music video of the day

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