Didn’t came around to do much today because of other plans but created the subdomain blog.christiaan008.com. With a WordPress multi setup it’s really easy todo. I only had to create a new site within WordPress:

WordPress add new siteAfter that’s done it was time to add a CNAME record to the DNS entries for blog.christiaan008.com and wait about 1-2 hours before it’s replicated throughout the internet. The website www.whatsmydns.net can help with checking if DNS servers across the world already replicated the record.

So the website blog.christiaan008.com is live and reachable. The next step was to install the WordPress theme and add the post from the first day to the new blog site.

In the next couple of days I need to play a bit with the design, but that’s fun todo.


Learned today

  • managing DNS entries can be easy as long as you know what your are doing.
  • WordPress multi setup works great.
  • although I had a short night I could work on configuring and creating the blog.


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