UP24I watched the Apple live event yesterday (as far as it was possible, watched some pieces today again) and got excited to start designing the part of the website for the YouTube videos.

So…was kinda really enthusiastic when trying different layouts for the website that I want to use for embedding YouTube videos that I completely lost track of time and well around 3:00 AM I thought it’s really dark outside time to go to bed. According to the UP24 bed time was around 04:30 when I fell asleep! But.. last night I decided not to embed the videos into the central hub but create a subdomain for the embedding, so https://yt.christiaan008.com was born! Generated new certificates last night and configured the webserver for the subdomain.

The first designs looked something like this, one page where you can scroll down for the different content:

DeepSec design

Stress testing

After some sleep (that was really hard with all the energy from last night) I gave the webserver a stress test to determine how many active connections and requests it could handle.

After some searching I came across the website loadimpact.com. First I tested https://blog.christiaan008.com and https://www.christiaan008.com without an account on the website. Because I had no account I could only test with maximum of 50 virtual clients. The graphs for both weren’t to bad. Wanted to know if the website would get slow so created an account on the website. If you create an account the stress test can be up to 250 virtual clients.

Well that gave another view, about 100-120 active clients can be handled without a problem, but after that the loading time is increasing. According to the graphs from my hosting provider (Transip) the webserver peaked at 100 %CPU at the end of the test. When the testing reached about 200 virtual clients the website was getting really slow. Read the article “How To Optimize Apache Web Server Performance” and decided tuning the webserver isn’t a priority at the moment. A good tip in the article is about the maximum connections Apache can handle:

“If your VPS gets overloaded, and reaches the maximum number of clients it can serve at once, it will serve those and other users will simply get a quick failure. They can then reload the page and maybe have greater success on the second try.

This sounds bad, but believe me, it’s much better to have these connections close quickly but leave the server in a healthy state rather than hanging open for an eternity. Surprisingly you can get better performance from a server that has fewer child processes but responds faster than it is to have a server with more child processes that it is unable to handle.”


Loading time with 50 virtual clients



Loading time with 100 virtual clients


Server load during the test with maximum 250 virtual clients

server load


Learned today

  • when I really get enthusiastic about the design I complete forget track of time.
  • the Decibel Weekendmix can keep you up all night.
  • the webserver can handle about 100-120 active clients, after that the loading of the website gets slower.
  • there are some measures that can be taken to optimise the webserver, but that has no priority at the moment.
  • it’s better to set a maximum of connections Apache can handle.


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