It’s done! Since this afternoon the Central Hub has launched connecting the different projects under the Christiaan008 network. Hope you like it, it feels like the beginning of something wonderful. In the last couple of months some really interesting collaborations came up via YouTube and I think this Central Hub could help bringing it all together. The Central Hub will be expanded in the next couple of weeks.

Photo taken by Joshua Nachtigal:

Photo taken by Joshua Nachtigal:

Looking back last Friday during the afternoon the idea for a Central Hub came to mind and to start using the hired Virtual Private Server for its real purpose. One week later there is a launch of a Central Hub with different subdomains. As you may have read in earlier postings, I learned some cool things in the last couple of days but it amazed me how fast things can go if you just really want to.

After posting yesterday I went straight to bed and gotten more then 8 hours of sleep, so started today pretty relaxed. Had a nice breakfast (baked eggs with cheese and salami on top, recommended!), did some laundry. Those kind of things…

Noticed this morning that there was a problem with posting comments on the blog, disabled the comments section for now. Located the issue and it has todo with one of the “mod_rewrite”  rules for Apache, need to look into it in one of the these days. This rule is the problem:

 RewriteRule ^(.*\.php)$ wordpress/$1 [L]

Halfway the morning I started to work on the last couple of things before the launch. Written the little pieces of text for the Central Hub. During the afternoon I’ve been adding a couple of conferences to the YouTube website and will be adding more in the next couple of days. Also powered up the Raspberry Pi for the CIC News engine, the Pi for the Honey project won’t boot because the SD-card became corrupt. Tried some solutions to repair the filesystem but the boot partition seems to be corrupted. The good news is that I have an image of the SD-card and can access all the stored data without a problem. No data from the honeypots or written scripts are lost.


Learned today (and the last couple of days)

  • it’s possible to do a lot in one week, from installing a server to configuring e-mail and designing websites. It can be done within a week.
  • for almost every problem there is a solution on ‘the net’ as long as you keep searching.
  • has so many photos that can be used under Creative Commons license.
  • the WordPress theme Divi from Elegant Themes is easy to use, themes like this make it possible for people with no coding experience to build beautiful websites.
  • the current webserver (dual core Xeon 2.2 GHz server with 4 GB RAM) that uses SSL encryption on all the websites can handle about 100-120 active users.
  • the All In One WordPress Security and Firewall plugin is easy in use and helps to keep track of modifications made to WordPress by sending a notification a couple of times a day.


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