Just like yesterday didn’t really plan to do anything today, tried some of the designs last night for the video wall and just couldn’t let it go today. The day started by trying some WordPress plugins to increase the security. Watched the movie jOBS in the afternoon and started searching on YouTube for some interesting videos. There are a lot of interesting videos about Steve Jobs and the history of Apple available but one in particular was the interview Steve Jobs and Bill Gates gave together during the D5 conference in 2007. Found the things they talked about still relevant today, recommended to watch!

WordPress security plugins

Came across an interesting post on the WordPress website “AlO WPSecurity & Firewall VS Better WP Security“. Installed the plugins “BulletProof Security” and “Wordfence Security”. Had already the AIO WPSecurity installed and after installing both plugins noticed some overlaps in functionality. Eventually disabled the Wordfence Security plugin because it had not much to offer in addition to the other installed plugins.

An interesting part of the plugin was the Falcon Engine which is able to speed up the website by caching content. After activating it and testing the loading speed of the website via loadimpact.com the Apache process didn’t respond anymore. When the stress test had about 150 virtual clients the webserver didn’t responded anymore. Logged in to the server and restarted the Apache process and the website was up and running again. After that disabled the plugin.

Found the BulletProof Security plugin easy in use, it scans your WordPress configuration and gives you a good explanation about the different security measures that you can take to solve found issues. Noticed the backup functionality works great, the plugin can automatically create an backup of your WordPress database, AIO WPSecurity does this also but the BulletProof plugin is able to sent you the created backups via e-mail. If you use this option this can help for creating backups offline.

Discovered that the YouTube subsite had its standard WordPress login available, while I redirected that for the other subsites. If you created a new subsite and have AIO WPSecurity for redirection then you need to disable it and re-enable the plugin again to get it working for the newly created subsite.


Further design of the video wall

Yesterday I’ve found the right design for the video wall and today after trying the different designs for the part that is being displayed when you clicked on a video from the wall. The idea is that after clicking the video you will be taken to the page of the video with a slider from which you can choose about 5 other videos.

This design also scales nicely to a phone or tablet. Going to add the content to the wall in the next couple of days. Hopefully it can go live tomorrow. Searched today for some background photos on Flickr, thinking about adding a sort of credits page because the mention of the owner of the photo isn’t always visible.

The design looks like this:

clicked on video1 - videowall

clicked on video2 - videowall



Learned today

  • Activating the Falcon Engine from the Wordfence plugin and stress testing it made sure the Apache process didn’t respond.
  • Be patient when your webserver isn’t responding, log on to it and don’t restart your server just restart the Apache process.
  • Need to reactivate the AIO WPSecurity plugin when adding a new subsite.
  • Got a lot of content to add to the video wall.


Music video of the day

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