Today a quick write-up about the progress from yesterday and today.

Worked on the video wall yesterday and today. Especially the backgrounds that are used for the video wall. After some searching on Flickr found nice looking photos that can be used as a background, I only use photos that are shared under Creative Commons license. Therefore I created a first version of the credits page on the Central Hub. For now just an overview of the images used and the names of the copyright owners. Will make it a nicer page later on.

Wanted to categorise all the photos that I upload to WordPress and after some searching I came across the “Enhanced Media Library” plugin. This plugin seems to work fine if you want to categorise all the uploaded photos, it’s easy to use.

A problem I’m running into is that I can’t share my media library between the different WordPress subsites. There are some plugins available to make this work but as far as I’ve seen you also need to add some custom code to the WordPress installation and update the current entries for the photos.

The pages used to create the entries for the video wall are called ‘projects’ in the theme I’m using, in the WordPress context is a ‘taxonomy’. Wanted to remove the projects taxonomy from the created permalinks (URL). I kept getting something like “”. First tried the plugin “Remove Taxonomy Base Slug” but that plugin doesn’t seem to work. Found a WordPress ‘hack‘ to remove the taxonomy from the permalink when creating a new entry or updating one. Seems to work great at this point, the only downside is that I need to apply this ‘hack’ again if the theme gets updated. Something to remember…

Also tried out some different social media icons plugins to be used for the blog. Tried all the plugins that are mentioned in the article “Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress” but eventually chose the “Social Share Button” plugin that fits in more with the design. The only downside to this plugin is that it doesn’t show the numbers of mentions or likes etc. across the ‘net’. Only the amount of times visitors clicked on the icon.


Learned today

  • adding the photos for the video wall with the right description takes more time then I had counted on.
  • the Enhanced Media Library really helps with organising all the uploaded photos.
  • there isn’t a standard functionality in WordPress to share media libraries between the different subsites.
  • sometimes you need to edit the code from the used WordPress theme, need to write the changes down so I remember what things need to be added again when updating the theme.


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