Finally time to write a new post, today was a real PJ day to get everything finished. Last week has been pretty busy, time flew by but the categories section for the added videos is live. It keeps getting better!

The categories page

In the last post I wrote about the categories I’ve created for the less technical videos part, I made a little adjustment to the awareness category. The awareness videos are now divided into a basic and advanced category. The idea is that the basic category contains videos that explain the very basics related to awareness videos. Examples are the explanation of Denial of Service or Phishing scams in plain English. The advanced awareness category is meant for people who already understand the basic principles. For example Cybercrime goes mobile video is a good video for awareness but more difficult to follow if you don’t know some of the basic principles.

For both the technical and less technical videos by category pages I’ve created a new menu and hid the menu that is available throughout the website. The design of the categories page makes use of the full screen, via the new menu an user can be taken to a category by clicking on the menu entry. It’s not necessary to scroll through the whole page. The home button will take an user back to the main page. At the end of the categories page there is a button to visit the video wall.

At the moment there are categories available for the technical videos, the categories will be expanded in the next couple of days since not all the created categories are displayed yet. The arrangement of categories for the technical videos can change in the next couple of weeks because of new categories. The most difficult part is to categorise all the categories in a main category. The images below show the current design:

Updating the design of the video entries

When editing video entries for readability, categorising videos and adding social media share icons I got some new ideas for the design. The page builder I’m using from Elegant Themes helps me to do some prototyping fast and test new designs quickly. Just adding a new component can be done within a few minutes. I noticed this works better and much faster then first drawing a design and then building it. It gives you the ‘power’ to visualise your idea quickly! Also the creation of templates is really helpful in this part, by using templates it’s easy to test new lay out ideas on multiple entries also within minutes and adjust the new design.

After playing around with some new designs all the video entries have also been updated to a new design. This time a video entry also contains statistics and source. Some of the videos also contain ‘happy’ reactions to the video. Only positive reactions have been added, the negative ones aren’t interesting to read!

All the above has been a lot of work, but one thing to remember is create templates. After adding the new design and seeing how it looked on about 10 videos I’ve created templates for everything. This really sped up the process of adding the new design to the existing entries.

At the moment I’m using the Shareaholic plugin for the social media share icons. To automatically let the plugin add the share icons to posts didn’t work out for the design, not only for this plugin but also for a few others. The reason I’m using Shareholic is that it lets me easily add the icons per entry with an reference to the created Shareaholic id, the plugins I tried earlier didn’t have this option. The images below show the current design:


I’ve read the post “How To Add A Feedback Form To WordPress” from Elegant Themes related to feedback. Feedback is always important so you can increase the experience! At the moment I’m using the Usernoise plugin to display a feedback button on every page. After the feedback has been submitted I get a message by e-mail and the feedback is also displayed in the WordPress dashboard. Also looked at the plugin Usersnap for receiving feedback. It looks a bit like the feedback module from YouTube / Google where you can select a specific part of the website and add a note for feedback. It looks visually nice, but since you have to pay for the service I didn’t want to use it.


The frontpage

After updating the design for the video entries I’ve added a frontpage to the YouTube website with some statistics and the possibility to choose to visit the video wall or the available conferences. It’s a first design replacing the frontpage where an user could only choose between different security conferences. The text for the buttons is not quite what it should be, but that comes later. Again the images below show the current design:

Learned today (and of other days)

  • Create templates after testing a new design, this speeds up the updating process for all of the video entries.
  • Finding the right background images different categories took some time, but looking at the result it was totally worth it!
  • Worked since the last post (05-10) almost every day about 8-10 hours to get the job done.
  • Watching videos about web design and reading some articles helps to improve the current design.
  • The page builder helps to quickly test some new design ideas and test a new design within minutes on multiple video entries via created templates.

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