I had a good night of sleep, and according to the UP I almost hit my sleeping goal of 7 hours! The sun comes up here around five in the morning but the first day I didn’t really noticed it. After some freshening up and breakfast it was time to go to the office of Ready4Life to meet other volunteers and people that work for the organisation.

During the day I met a lot of people and they’re all really nice and open. I got a bit of introduction of the culture in South Africa and the do’s and don’ts. We also discussed the project that I’m going help as volunteer.

The short name for the project is ‘The WiFi project’. The purpose of the project is to bring WiFi to the schools of Port Elizabeth so children can make use of educational applications. In a next stage a connection to the internet is added. Via this way people would be able to make use of free internet connection. The project just started, I always find it fun to help build something from the beginning.

In the afternoon I went to the supermarket with the other volunteer in the house to get some groceries for the next couple of days. She knows here way around a bit and that’s quite helpful. The supermarket had a lot of products that I haven’t seen before. After the supermarket we went back to the volunteers house. She cooked an amazing meal with some broccoli, potatoes and a meatball with some sauce she created herself. She told me she worked in the catering industry in The Netherlands and learned how to cook there. Well for someone that only knows a couple of dishes to cook it’s great to be living with someone that knows her way around the kitchen.

In the evening we went to the casino in the neighbourhood where every Thursday beer pong is being played. It’s also a place were some of the volunteers are on a Thursday evening. So for me it was a great chance to get to meet new people. It was nice to see the casino but I didn’t really enjoy it because I wasn’t feeling that well. On my way to the casino I suddenly started to cough a lot and had a hard time with breathing, it went away after an hour or so. I think it had to do something with the warm air outside and adjusting to the climate, a well next time I will enjoy it more.

I still need to get use to all the bars and gates in front of the houses and windows. A lot of houses have a big gate around the house and bars in front of their windows to protect people from a robbing or other things. Bars are also in the home I’m living in and I know it’s for safety reasons and you get used to it, but sometimes it feels like an imprisonment.

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