My trip to South Africa, a trip that is really happening after a couple of months of waiting. As mentioned earlier in one of the vlogs I quit my job and wanted to do some volunteer work. These blog posts will be about my trip to South Africa.

During my trip I’m trying to write about the different experiences in South Africa. In all the blog posts, names of people have been removed and replaced by he/she/we etc. I think it’s not necessary to reveal names to describe and understand my experiences. Also because I hear personal stories from other volunteers or locals and it’s not my intention to invade their privacy.

Sometimes blog posts will be on a daily basis other times the posts can be from a couple of days combined. It is not my intent to judge the culture in South Africa. Things are different here and maybe not always as I / you might expect when comparing it to a developed country like The Netherlands or wherever you’re from.

I want to learn from the local people and understand the South African culture. During my trip I will learn more about certain topics so I understand them better, so some posts may contain not all the information in the beginning, but I will add that in later posts. Also some comparisons between South Africa and The Netherlands are based on my personal experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and maybe learn something about the South African culture, if you have questions just leave it in the comment section and I will try to answer it as I’m writing. #goforit


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