After a couple of weeks of no writing, no long stories for today about my experiences in South Africa. Today we are going to build a poleĀ for the WiFi project and place the pole on the roof of Plastic Rebuilders. If we have time we will also be placing the WiFi equipment on the roof of the Ready4Life office. How much can we do in one South African day?

16:05 Although we didn’t reach the goal we set, at the end of the day we did quite a lot and learned along the way some things to remember. On Monday we will continue to Ā build the pole. For now it’s time for the weekly ‘borrel’ to start the weekend šŸ™‚

End of day

15:03 Placing the omni antennaĀ on the pole. This antenna is used for theĀ WiFi access point.

Omni antenna

14:27 The node is build on the pole, this will be used for the connection between the WiFi antennas, the WiFi dishes and shared internet access points.


14:05 Needed to help to carry some plate material.

13:02 Lunch time, today a birthday girl at the office. Happy birthday Maureen!


12:13 Using the pole holders to connect the pole to the bracket. The bracket is used to mount the pole to the wall outside of the Plastic Rebuilders building.

Pole holders

12:04 It’s still raining and windy, so we needed to cancel the handyman. Trying to finish building the pole and to configure it.

11:16 At Ellies to get some pole holdersĀ and ask aboutĀ the possibilitiesĀ to power the WiFi nodes via solar energy. For about 5200 Rand (about 400 euro) it’s possible to have a sun collector on the roof with all the needed equipment. We will receive the information and formulas for calculation later via e-mail.


10:34 At Builders to get some bolts, washers and other stuff. We decided that if it’s still raining and windy at 12:00 we will cancel the handyman and place the WiFi pole on Monday.



9:56 The weather is changing, suddenly a lot of wind and rain.


9:44 Time for the second cup of coffee.

9:38 We discovered that we need more bolts, washers and pole holders.

9:16 ReceivedĀ a message that the handyman that will help us with mountingĀ the WiFi pole to the Plastic Rebuilders building will be here at 2:00 PM.

8:34 Taking the measurementsĀ to determine where to mount the WiFi dishes.

Taking measurements

8:23 The first point of the to do list can be checked off, good start of the day!

Check off todo

8:07 My colleague Matthew starts the day by making a new network cable for one of the devices on the WiFi pole. The boss needs to do some paperwork!

Network cable

The boss and his paperwork

7:39 During a meeting with some of the colleagues I had some breakfast, discussed the ‘plan of the day’ and made a todo list.

Todo list

7:05Ā Arrived at the office, time to open the windows and doors for some fresh air, yesterday it was 35 degrees.

6:30 Got out of bed, good morning!

Good morning

5:30 Alarm clock goes off, put it to snooze mode and went back to sleep.

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